Hero of the Month

June 2010: Julie Taylor

Every neighborhood should have one. Someone everyone knows because s/he is so friendly. Someone who enjoys chatting to you when you pass by. Someone who makes a point of meeting new neighbors who have moved in, and introducing neighbors to each other.

In my neighborhood, that person is Julie Taylor. Julie is a people person and a party girl. She and her husband Jeff have hosted many gatherings of neighbors over the years, including block parties in front of their house, with Jeff’s band entertaining us. She sends out a relaxed, “don’t worry, be happy” vibe. Life threw Julie a curveball called cancer a few years ago, with exhausting chemotherapy rounds, but she has weathered it all with fortitude and humor.

When my first order of “Just Say Hi” t-shirts came in, Julie was one of the first people I gave one too (sorry, I’m not giving them away anymore). I asked her back then a question that I would also like to ask my readers: If someone is walking towards you but is looking down or away from you, do you still say “hi”? Julie answered “yes”, without hesitation. What do you think? By looking away, is someone sending a signal to you that they want to be left alone? Or should you say “hi” anyway, and maybe they will appreciate it after all?

Julie, thanks for being such a great neighbor; you are my “Just Say Hi” Hero for the month of June.

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2 Comments on “Hero of the Month”

  1. Doug Says:

    Heros need photos, so we can say Hi when we see them!

    • wgulley Says:

      You are right, Doug! I do need a photo of Julie posted here. I’m leaving on vacation soon, so I’m afraid it may be a couple of weeks…

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