Who deserves a “hi”?

Take a moment to think about how many people serve you every day. I’m talking about the custodian who sweeps the floors at your workplace, the receptionist who checks you in at the dentist’s office, the cashier who scans your groceries, and the bagger who puts them in bags. And don’t forget the guy behind the counter at Starbucks, the bus driver, or the worker in the toll booth, who collects your money so the roads get maintained. And how about the security guard at the mall or the policeman directing traffic?

Sure, all these people get paid to serve the public, but most of them don’t get paid much. And they have to put up with all sorts of difficult, grumpy people, so why not try to balance that out with a cheerful “hi” and even some friendly chitchat? It’s all about not taking people for granted, recognizing everyone’s human dignity no matter what their job is, and appreciating what they do for you.

Go ahead. Just smile and say “hi”. They deserve it.

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